Sunday, November 10, 2013

Do Heels Pump up the Economic Volume?

Have you ever gazed through a department store window, a fashion runway or even a bustling city street and found yourself asking why the women’s heels were so dang high?

You may even own a pair or two of outrageously stilted stilettos yourself without even knowing the answer to that question.

History is said to support the truth that women’s skirt lengths or their heel heights can serve as economic indicators.

Dr. Brennon shared some interesting correlations to support the latter in her Psychology Today article, Stiletto Heels and the Economy. She closely follows women’s changes and transitions.

There is some truth to the reasons for these changes but there are also other powerful trends that stimulate the stiletto market. We will visit those trends soon, in the meantime, check out Dr. Brennen’s ‘perspective on pumps’ and share your thoughts about it. Read the story here.

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